NEW Adjustable Mobile Operations Desktop (A-MOD)

on Monday, October 19, 2015 1:36:00 PM

Jotto Desk is extremely excited to announce two NEW Universal Desktops to the numerous markets we serve…the Adjustable Mobile Operations Desktop (A-MOD and A-MOD XL). We have worked closely with several key distributors and agencies to evaluate current needs, strengths and weaknesses. The culmination of this information was then utilized by our Engineering Department and implemented into these new A-MOD Desktops to create what we feel is the ultimate desktop solution to secure a laptop computer. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce, to its' customers, stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. We are proud to offer these new desktop options.

NEW A-MOD Desktop (450-4143)

These A-MOD Desktops feature a lightweight yet rugged design that incorporates both high strength aluminum and composite materials where it makes sense. Conversely, we have mixed in steel where there is no substitute to the strength, structure and ruggedness that it provides. All of the Side Clamps and Rear Clamps, which hold down the laptop, are made of case-hardened steel and for our lock we chose a high security, solid brass tubular lock. There is no real security when a lock can simply be jimmied or the clamps can be easily bent out and the laptop stolen. With this mixture of elements and the other changes, we are confident that the A-MOD Desktops provide the most rugged, safest and most flexible universal desktop to secure a laptop computer in a mobile environment.

Jotto Desk's NEW A-MOD Desktop

Jotto Desk customers past, present and future will be able to enjoy the benefits of the A-MOD Desktops. Older Jotto Desk laptop mounts that utilized the ACD Desktop can be retrofitted with these new A-MOD desktops simply by ordering the part numbers listed below…kind of like putting a new engine in an older car. Present customers that are buying our laptop mounts with the old desktop can experience another level in security, convenience and adjustability with the A-MOD. Future customers that desired a locking mechanism, not offered on the old desktop, will now be able to evaluate the total Jotto Desk solution. The combination of our Laptop Mount price, ergonomics, quality and ease of installation with the New A-MOD Desktop make Jotto Desk the easy choice as your laptop mounting solution.

Part Numbers & List Prices:

450-4143 A-MOD Desktop
See Product Page For Compatible Laptop Dimensions
List Price: $300.00
450-4144 A-MOD Desktop XL
See Product Page For Compatible Laptop Dimensions
List Price: $300.00

A-MOD Desktop with Laptop Secured (450-4143)

As the market's "Total Solutions Provider" (TSP), Jotto Desk continues to advance its' product line and reputation as the industry leader in public safety equipment. Jotto Desk works to redefine the mobile workspace and expand its' portfolio of high quality products and ability to deliver maximum value to customers. As your Total Solutions Provider, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products we manufacture will work together seamlessly from installation to application.

For more information on these and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative at 877.455.6886.